More Information on the High Sierra Music Festival

Since 1991, the High Sierra Music Festival has been entertaining audiences from around the world, with a distinctive and uplifting festival experience. Nestled within the heart of the High Sierra Mountains, the festival offers audiences a scenic and one of a kind venue conveniently located in Nocal. Not only does this event offer audiences a unique and pleasant exploration into the music of a variety of different genres, it also is very easy to access as it is located only 80 miles from Reno Nevada. Although this is not the official web page for the High Sierra Music Festival, we hope that it will offer you some valuable information on this unique and eclectic festival. You may find the official website for the Festival here.

The High Sierra Music Festival is a multiday event in Nocal which features the highest quality of music, with an eclectic format. Artists from all genres participate in this festival ranging from Bluegrass, to Folk and Rock. If you are a lover of music you will certainly be a lover of this event. The main stage has featured such talent as The Black Crows, The Slip, Robert Plant and Bruce Hornsby, along with many others. Acts that appear on the main stage run all day and into the evening, making this festival a weekend to remember.

Although you would not want to miss the talent on the main stage, there is also the very popular showcase stage which gives audiences a unique opportunity to see emerging artists from across the United States perform in an exclusive and exceptional setting. Imagine a personal and quaint concert with music’s future stars? This is what you will find at the High Sierra Music Festival.

If watching world class talent perform was not enough, informal workshops given by artists throughout the festival are also a staple of this event, whether you are a musician, or just enjoy hearing about the process; you will certainly not be disappointed by the workshops given throughout the festival. Imagine a night in an intimate setting receiving a personal lesson from a talented artist. This is a wonderful extraordinary once in a lifetime opportunity and one that makes this event truly distinctive and special.

The High Sierra Music Festival is not just for adults. Feel free to bring the whole family for a unique one of a kind experience that children and adults alike will not soon forget. Children’s tents are available throughout the event which features special musical performances, arts, crafts and interactive family entertainment. The children and family programs have been a staple of this event since its origin and they offer children and parents alike a chance to experience and share memories together at this festival.

For those that do not like the party to stop the Late Night Shows feature amazing entertainment once the main stage and showcase stage have closed for the evening. These tents keep the party going for the late night crowd insuring that the festival itself never loses momentum. All musicians are gathered in a round table fashion which makes this tent a unique, fun and interactive experience.

Tired from a late night out? The High Sierra music festival offers their attendees many camping options to fit their needs. Camp sites are offered on a strictly first come first serve basis. The festival offers both tent and RV services. Campgrounds come equipped with permanent restroom and wash stations. While this is the case, the festival also offer’s portable toilets and sinks throughout the camp site in case the permanent restrooms are inaccessible. For more family friendly camping accommodations the festival offers families friendly camp sites, these sites tend to be quieter at night and more energetic during the day. In order to obtain a family friendly camp site you must speak with a parking attendant as you enter the festival camp grounds. In addition, tent and RV rentals must be purchased separately before the event unless you purchased the VIP weekend festival package. Although the VIP package does not pay your additional camping fee, it offers you first come first serve rights to the VIP camp ground.

The High Sierra Music festival is also home to unique vendors, allowing their guests a chance to purchase one of a kind crafts, jewelry, and clothing. There are also vendors available that offer unique event merchandise. Artists from across the nation and local to Nocal, come to High Sierra to sell their unique, handmade and one of a kind goods. So not only is the Festival a place to find the most unique and amazing music, it is also a place to find the most eclectic and exclusive merchandise.

Apart from the amazing music and the unique vendors at the festival, the High Sierra Music Festival also offers an amazing selection of different foods and beverages. All different types of fare are represented during the festival weekend and throughout the grounds. Choices ranging from Pizza to Mexican and Vegetarian are available for purchase. If you are a fan of craft and local beers you will certainly enjoy the wide selection of local and national microbrews available for purchase at the event. There are literally hundreds of beers to choose from throughout the event, insuring that you will find something for everyone in your party.

Not only is the High Sierra music festival a great event to attend, the town surrounding the festival offers guests an opportunity for exploration as well. Many festival attendees enjoy bike rides into town and to escapes into the forests on the many nature trails. Nearby towns feature amazing restaurants, a move theatre, many hotels and food co-ops. It is important to keep in mind that the hotels surrounding the festival fill up quickly so you should book a room early if you are interested. Quincy County is also unique in that 100 lakes surround the venue itself and create a stunning atmosphere for visitors to enjoy. Although visitors are encouraged to enjoy the lakes surrounding the festival grounds it is important to know the risks. There have been instances in the past of people drowning from swimming in unsupervised lakes. If you want to swim you are encouraged to use the swimming facilities found in the festivals camp grounds. Patrons are encouraged to enjoy the lakes but not swim in them.

There are also a few ground rules that attendees are required to follow when they attend the festival. When camping, camp fires and stoves are not permitted as they may pose a fire risk. Electric stoves may be ok if used with caution. On the festival grounds outside food and drink are not permitted and illegal drug use and drug distribution will result in your removal from the festival. Personal belongings must be removed from the grounds after the event, including cans and bottles which people are encouraged to clean up from the main stage and show case stage areas.

Alternately, you are encouraged to bring acoustic guitars for late night jams. Portable music players are also allowed in the camping area. Also, it is important to bring extra sleeping bags and blankets so that you are prepared for cooler weather at night. You are furthermore encouraged to bring clothing for both hot and cold weather conditions, as hot northern California days can often turn cooler as the sun goes down. The festival also hopes that attendees would wear bug spray and sun block to insure that they are protected when enjoying themselves at the event. Ultimately the High Sierra Music Festival coordinators want you to get the most out of your experience in the safest way possible.

As you can see the High Sierra Music festival is an amazing event to attend in the heart of Nocal. So if you would like to be a part of this amazing event tickets can be purchased on the official website of the Festival.

Tickets are available in single day, multi day and a VIP package. If you purchased the VIP package you will get exclusive access to exclusive perks such as and all weekend festival pass, early entry to the camping facility, a Sunday morning bloody Mary Bar, a commemorative concert t- shirt and poster, access to the main stage pit and much more.