More Information on the High Sierra Music Festival

Costume Theme Days

Attending a festival is always an amazing time; however the High Sierra Music Festival offers themed costume days to make this event even more enjoyable and memorable. Although wearing a costume to the event is optional, it certainly adds a different element of fun to your festival experience! Each day has a different theme to explore and has helped to bring festival attendees together. Costuming themes feature such genres as “gone but not forgotten celebrities”, “pajama party” and “safari”. Last year the festival featured a Red White and Blue day which was very popular and added a patriotic spin on the festival day.

To make these costume themes more fun, each year features a different set of themes that are announced in the months before the event. All costumes can be your own unique interpretation of the theme and can be expressed in a multitude of different ways. These costume themes bring the people of the festival closer together and inspire not only creativity but also spark conversation. By participating in the costume themes you not only are having fun, but you are opening yourself up to conversation with great people.

Costumed themes not only make this festival more fun, but contribute to the unique atmosphere created at this event.