More Information on the High Sierra Music Festival

Festival Guidelines

Although this event is guaranteed to be a great time there are certain rules of conduct that are required while in attendance. First, although camping is encouraged at the event there are to be no campfires or grills that require an open flame. If you have a grill that is electric it is fine if you use caution. There are also to be no fireworks on the campsite, due to the potential fire risks associated with them.

At the festival, personal belongs are to be taken with you every day after the event, and no cans or bottles are to be left on the main stage grounds. Drugs and outside alcohol are not allowed on festival grounds. Those caught selling and distributing drugs will be arrested. There is also to be no unauthorized vending at the festival, if you do not pay for a booth you are not allowed to sell on the grounds. Illegal recordings are not allowed at the event as they are property of High Sierra Music Festival. Recordings of the festival will be available after the event. The Festival staff realizes that standing all day can be tiring, so chairs are allowed on festival grounds as long as they are low back.

So now that we have covered the things you should not do let’s explore the items you should bring!

It is important to bring a warm coat and a sleeping bag for camping. Although the days are hot, the nights can cool down significantly so it is important to be prepared. For the daylight hours, sunscreen and hats are important so you do not get a sun burn walking around the festival all day, and bug spray is encouraged as well as insects do have a tendency to frequent the festival!

On the campsite you may also bring amenities such as acoustic guitars for camp side playing and bathing suits to enjoy the pool on the grounds. Radios and speakers are also allowed to add a little music to your campsite. Of course we ask that you keep the volumes at a reasonable level!

Ultimately the organizers of the High Sierra Music Festival want everyone in attendance to have an amazing time! Just follow the rules and bring the essentials to make this festival the most amazing event of the summer. Rules at the High Sierra Music Festival are not plentiful but they are important to encourage a safe and enjoyable experience for all in attendance.