More Information on the High Sierra Music Festival

General information about the High Sierra Music Festival

The High Sierra music festival is a multiday event that takes place in the heart of the High Sierra Mountains. This festival has been a staple of Nocal since its debut in 1991, and continues to entertain audiences year in and year out. This event is a truly unique experience as it not only features some amazing musical talent but it also includes family tents, workshops and amazing late night entertainment. Although this is not the official web page for the High Sierra music festival, it features important information that should be considered while attending the event.

As the name suggests, music is the most distinctive and popular attraction of this festival. Many acts have graced the main stage of the High Sierra Music Festival in the past. Such names have included the likes of Robert Plant and the Black Keys. Alternately, the showcase stage is smaller, but just as popular and features artists on the rise. If that was not compelling enough to make you want to attend this amazing event, workshops are also included which offer audiences a unique opportunity to interact with amazing talent in an intimate environment. These workshops appeal to both musicians and people who enjoy hearing about how their music is made. Imagine a night in an intimate setting receiving a personal lesson from a talented artist. This is a wonderful extraordinary once in a lifetime opportunity and one that makes this event truly distinctive and special.

Late night concerts are also available in exclusive tents and feature performances from both main stage and showcase stage acts. These late night events are very unique in that the artists play within the crowd, creating a relaxed and yet exciting environment. Many describe the late night shows as having a similar feeling to a house party as they feel that the performers and the crowd feel like old friends.

Family tents are also offered at the festival and children are encouraged to attend. Activities in these tents are centered on family friendly themes and crafts. This has been a staple and a unique offering at the High Sierra Music Festival.

Camping is available as well for those that wish to stay on the festival grounds. Camping is always at a first come first serve basis and is offered for both adults and families. You may find more information regarding offered camping services here.