More Information on the High Sierra Music Festival

Quincy and Plumas Counties

It can be assumed that based on the name of the festival, the High Sierra Music festival would feature some amazing and scenic mountain views. This assumption would be absolutely correct! However, in addition to the scenic mountains surrounding the festival, there are also almost 100 lakes, canyons and forests in the neighboring area of the event. This beautiful environment not only allows for a wonderful festival setting but it also creates an atmosphere to enjoy outside of the festival grounds.

Many patrons of the festival bike to the town to enjoy the amazing views, fresh food and the scenic mountain trails of the surrounding area. The neighboring towns also have amenities such as fine dining, restaurants, movie theatres and food co-ops. Specials are often offered to festival attendees by local restaurants making the trek outside of the festival grounds worth the trip!

If camping isn’t quite your thing, hotels are also available in town, however they book up quickly as the festival season draws near, so it is important to book your reservations at your earliest convenience if they are of interest. You can easily bike back and forth to the festival from your hotel or you can bring your vehicle and park it at the event. The ride is scenic and very enjoyable, so this is definitely not a bad option.

Many have commented after this festival that although they enjoyed the event itself, they found just as much pleasure enjoying the beautiful nature around them. The many nature trails are a favorite of festival patrons offering guests a unique opportunity to explore what Northern California has to offer. It truly is an attraction in itself!

Although it is easy to get wrapped up in the nature surrounding the festival. We must add a word of warning - although the lakes that surround the event seem like a refreshing retreat from the hot summer California sun, it is important to take caution. Some have drowned while swimming in the lakes during the festival. If you would like to take a dip to cool off there is a local pool close to the festival grounds, it is easily accessible and much safer. We would encourage visitors to enjoy the beauty of the lakes, but not to swim in them.

For more information on the counties surrounding the festival please visit the web page for Quincy and Plumas County here.